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"For 100 years, accompanying the history of Brazil.

Grupo Fides was one of the pioneers in the sector in Brazil during the industrial revolution. Our rise in the market was marked by World War I, an event that hindered imports and thus boosted the value of fabric per meter, positioning the company
in a prominent position in the textile industry
Since our foundation in 1923, we have sought differentiation in our products through innovation, technology, and sustainability across the entire industrial process. Our first centenary solidifies Grupo Fides' position as a strong and competitive group in the market.
Currently, we have two manufacturing facilities in the cities of Jundiaí and Cabreúva, totaling 40 thousand square meters, with over 500 employees and a production of 1,000 tons of fabrics per month, serving the knitwear and yarn production throughout the national territory.
Fides means Faith. Faith in family. Faith in entrepreneurial spirit. Faith in our history and in our future.

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The Fides Group has been part of Brazil's history. Established in 1923 during the industrial revolution, it was one of the pioneers in the sector in the country


Since its embryonic stage, the Fides Group has sought differentiation in its products, gaining experience throughout the industrial process.


The differentiation of its products is the strong point of the Group, relying on cutting-edge technology and competitiveness to meet the most demanding markets

Social and Environmental Responsibility

At Grupo Fides, we are committed to promoting sustainable and responsible production at every stage of our process. 
We recognize the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria, and a fundamental part of this approach is the selection and use of high-quality raw materials from reliable sources.
We are constantly seeking improvements in our operation, aiming not only for excellence in our products but also for contributing to a better world. Join Grupo Fides on this journey towards a more sustainable future!




The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a global organization that works to transform cotton production worldwide, ensuring it is produced responsibly by minimizing water usage, pesticides, and fertilizers, as well as promoting soil conservation and biodiversity preservation. The initiative also collaborates with farmers, providing training and support to improve agricultural practices and working conditions. Our yarns and knits are produced with BCI cotton, and by choosing to use this raw material in your collections, your company is contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact of the textile industry.

Viscose is a cellulose fiber produced from wood pulp, and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certification ensures that the raw material used in its manufacturing comes from sustainably managed forests. By requiring responsible agricultural practices, the certification promotes biodiversity conservation, protection of water resources, reduction of deforestation, and considers factors such as waste management and greenhouse gas emissions during the production process.

The use of polyester derived from recycled PET bottles in our production process is of utmost environmental importance. By adopting this practice, we directly contribute to reducing plastic waste, decreasing the extraction of natural resources, and minimizing pollution. The reuse of PET bottles as raw material for polyester also results in lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to the conventional production of this material.



 The differentiation of our products is our strong point; we rely on cutting-edge technology and competitiveness to meet the demands of the most discerning markets.


Unique uniformity and rigorous selection
from cotton fibers.

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Knitting Yarns

Exclusive and innovative fantasy yarns
in colors and effects.

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