FIDES Fabrics

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped for yarn production through a rigorous selection of cotton fibers. Combining this with technology and expertise in yarn manufacturing, we can offer unique uniformity in our knits. Among the main knits are combed with standard and differentiated width, blends, flamés, betones, 100% cotton piqués, peletizavas, and knits with indigo effect. Our researchers are always attentive to global trends, seeking innovations and adding new knits to our catalog every year. Explore our complete line of knits below

Blend Fabric

Performance Fabric

Gray Padova Cotton Fabric

Padova Cotton Fabric

Sensation Piqué Fabric

Light Sensation Fabric

Sensation Fabric

Flamme Fabric

Greek Fabric

Ottawa Fabric

Gray Revolution Sensation Fabric

Revolution Sensation Fabric

Star Sweatshirt

Brushed Fleece 370

Brushed Fleece 310

Brushed Fleece 300