Mousse Yarn 10

Mousse Yarn 10

The yarn used in this piece is Mousse 10 with a count of 6 Ne, a version of our beloved Mousse, but suitable for machine 10.
Excellent choice for finer knitting, lighter pieces that can be used in both winter and summer. With an exclusive color chart that only Fides can produce. We send MOUSSE TOUCH tags to reinforce the originality of the yarn.

Linen Papyrus
Graphite Linen

Composition: 74% Acrylic / 26% Polyamide

Mousse Yarn – Title: 6 Ne Ret
Linen Papyrus 71.8% Acrylic / 26% Polyamid / 2% Viscose
Graphite and Natural Linen 35.5% Acrylic / 35.5% Polyester / 26% Polyamid / 3% Viscose
Other colors in the collection 74% Acrylic / 26% Polyamide


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